This is a really great metaphor, thanks for sharing.

I’m just wondering whether you can climb more than one staircase at a time? After all in a previous essay you described 4 key pillars of life - and at least they might have their own “staircases”?

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Hi Zan, thanks for the kind words.

Yes, at any given moment you are likely on 10s or 100s of different staircases, but progress on any of them happens one 'at a time' - taking a single moment as the shortest unit of focussed time.

Of course in the same day/week/year, you will likely make progress on relationships, personal projects, health and work, but the progress usually happens in sequence (i.e spending a couple of hours/days/weeks every day on each staircase)

For more larger projects like careers, its really hard to climb two different staircases at the same time, as time & effort gets split, so its much better to pursue only one thing for a couple of years before shifting.

But it can be done - Elon Musk is a perfect example of it. Derek Sivers also has great thoughts on this: https://sive.rs/balance

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